Nursing School, staying afloat amidst everyday life.

Finally! I finally started Nursing school! After a crazy journey of change, and being twisted and turned towards the direction that God wanted me to pursue, one that he revealed while I was in China. I can truly say that I feel at home, and I feel complete.

This first semester has been ride of complete exploration, as if I have stepped into this new world full of enchanting medical terms, crisp new uniforms, new faces, strange equipment, yet in the middle of it all I feel at home, and I feel ready. Adjusting to this new journey has not been easy, I’ve come to realize that in order to succeed I need to set priorities, organize, and truly ask myself; How bad do you want this? So far the answer has been really bad. ‘

Learning to organize has also been difficult. How do you organize a million exams, readings, quizzes, clinical hours, lab hours, on top of a job, family, and church? God, thats how.

Often looking past our circumstance towards what could be, and will be, is difficult. Learning to just breath and realize that though this will not be easy, it will also be perhaps the most satisfying decision I have made that will dictate the choices I make for the rest of my life. Through the tears, the laughs, the exams, the paperwork, the textbooks, and the caffeine, this will be worth it- because truly, I was born to do this.

In order to stay on top of things I have had to develop a system compatible with my own personal time in order to stay organized and complete things on time.

I have learned to:

1. Manage my time: time management is your best friend. If you don’t learn to prioritize between homework, and another episode of House on Netflix… it will not work.

2. Set a schedule: Literally, plan your time! If you don’t have a set agenda of how your time is going to look like, it is going to be really difficult to plan a time do assignments.

3.  Plan ahead: What’s that? You have a paper due tomorrow, that you started and finished last night, but also have some homework and extra reading, plus a discussion board, due that same day that you completely forgot about because you worried about the paper. Yup, that happens. Learning to plan ahead in order to complete assignments before they are due is a must.

4. Organize your classes and paper work. Nothing says I am ready to save peoples lives with a backpack and folder that screams I am a third-grader, my folder looks a paper recycle bin,  and Oh- I didn’t know I still had some chips in here from last week’s lunch, than an unorganized messy bag. This might just be me.

5. Set me time. When it is all said and done we need time to ourselves, after the homework, the exams, the study guides, labs, clinical, work, family, church, and friends… sometimes you just need to breath. Learn what works for you and what keeps you relaxed, for me tea and Netflix, the gym, or going to the movies alone does the trick. Find what works for you, and don’t forget that being a good steward of yourself goes a long way.  Like L’OREAL says: “Because you’re worth it.”

10624811_1001468303214063_7015318737812352548_n 10806323_10204991106751374_8858278913115363521_n

My wonderful Clinical Group 10896853_1001468293214064_4907572845284798196_n 10945061_1009440645750162_1831960597_nPhotos by Megan Wheaton


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