Colombia Trip 2014

Last week I had the privilege to return from a 9 day trip to Colombia! It was such a beautiful experience, I had never been to Colombia before, neither was I at all informed with food or customs. The trip was put together by a church group, and together we visited a Pastor and his church in Pereira, Colombia.  Needless to day, Colombia is a beautiful country with beautiful humid climate, green landscape all around, and beautiful people. During our trip we were able to see so many things from abundant cows and horses, to a little monkey. The food there was delicious, arepas are the trademark food in Colombia (or so I heard), it is basically like a Mexican tortilla except really thick. They were really fun and different to try, since I had never had them before, what makes Colombian food special in my opinion, is how they mix sweet flavors with fresh cheese, a very interesting combination.

The trip was a blessing and getting away for a week amid the busyness and chaos of life was really nice and refreshing.It was great to see another perspective of the Christian church, as well learn from other strategies that are being used in the church. Dominic was able to come as well, it was the first time we travel out of the country together so it was so much fun to experience  this beautiful country with him.

We arrived in Medellin, Colombia


Our first try at Colombian food, arepa con queso!


DSC03794 DSC03816


Parque de los pies descalsos (Park of bare feet), Medellin, Colombia

This place was absolutely amazing, this park is dedicated to waking up the senses, so the park is divided into parts where visitors are encouraged to walk around barefoot and experience the sand, water, grass, as well as other textures around the park. The end consist of washing your feet off, and experiencing amazingly soft feet after the treatment!

IMG_7325 IMG_7365 IMG_7347 IMG_2440 IMG_2490 IMG_2904

Beautiful green forest in Pereira, Colombia
DSC03996 DSC03948 DSC03927 DSC03860

We got to meet this lovely lady, she was the sweetest horse ever! She loved being pet.DSC04074 DSC04039 IMG_2986

Dominic can ride horses pretty well, too bad I can barely stay on! 😦DSC04121DSC04202DSC04180

Some lunch with our trip-mates.


Dominic was willing to try everything! Colombian food consist of a lot of pork and banana, I loved the banana part of it, the pork.. not so much.


Salento, Colombia

This place was absolutely gorgeous! it literally looked like we were walking around real sized doll houses, the colors were amazing, so bright and lively.DSC04324DSC04326DSC04331DSC04366DSC04364DSC04346DSC04337DSC04334DSC04375DSC04378DSC04381DSC04387DSC04393DSC04478DSC04444DSC04419DSC04399



Here’s my attempt at black and whites, personally I don’t often edit black and white but I liked how these turned out:


The scenery in some places was gorgeous, It felt as if I were in a movie set.IMG_2586IMG_2694IMG_2744IMG_2654IMG_2628IMG_2600IMG_2884We spent sometime making ballon animals for the kids at the church:
IMG_4251 IMG_8061 IMG_8075 IMG_8026 IMG_3164 IMG_3076

Having the kids pray for us was such a blessing!IMG_8096



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