Come & Gone

Wow, I can’t believe its been a little over two months since I got back from my two month trip in China.  First of all I would like to thank God, Dominic, my family, and all of my friends who supported me. This journey, this adventure could have not been possible without all of your help. For every ounce of support, and prayers, even the smallest thoughts were received. Where do I even begin to express myself? How can I come back from this adventure back to “my life” and fit back in just like  I was. Thinking back on it now, it feels like such a long time ago, when really it has only been a little over two months, and really, the only way that I can describe it and actually give justice to my emotions is as “Narnia” the complete experience of going to a foreign land and returning home slowly forgetting you were ever there. When I first signed up for YWAM it all seemed so surreal, I couldn’t believe that I was actually going. I couldn’t believe that the desires and dreams that God put into my heart were finally unfolding and playing in my life. This whole journey was an emotional roller coaster; I enrolled in YWAM knowing I wanted to go, but in my mind I was thinking “There’s plenty of time before I actually go,” content, and waiting for the day, not knowing it be so soon.  At times it got tough, but I had to remember the many words that people had told me “God put you there for a reason,” and remember that I did have something to learn and bring back.

Graduation was on June 28, and with it saying the goodbyes to three amazing women that God had given me the privilege to call my friends. Though South Africa, Ireland, and Canada are not around the corner, some of the things that I learned and spent with them are memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life. After our goodbyes it was back to my life again, and I honestly didn’t think that after two months of being in a completely different country, in both language, culture, and atmosphere, that I’d really have trouble adjusting, optimistic thinking I suppose. Needless to say I feel like now it’s time for me to share my experiences, to share some of the wonderful things that God did in China, and in me when I was Pismo Beach, because in the end to him be the glory.

I plan to post more often, I have about a million stories to tell, along with another million pictures to share.


Graduation with these beautiful ladies.

8593_10151486635532532_1526098747_n (1)

My 20th birthday lunch a week before we return home!
DSC08305Off to China from LAX two months earlier!

Over Russia!


IMG_6050 IMG_5978

Beijing Airport!IMG_6059IMG_6066

IMG_6069Those were among my firs photos in Xining, first meal was Mien Pien a Hui dish, soo delicious!


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