Three Days!

It’s finally here, the final countdown! I can’t believe that three whole months have gone by since I arrived at the DTS house, lecture is over and now we just have this week to prepare before we depart on monday morning. I’m so exited, yet at the same time I feel as if it really hasn’t quite hit me yet! China out of all places who would have thought! I had other places in mind, and China wasn’t one of them. The flight is quite long, adding the layovers and total time, it really is going to be a long trip, I am really exited to travel for a long time as weird as that is! As of now we are just going over small preparations, minor cleaning, and activities that we could do. I learned how to make balloon animals, which will come in handy. A smile will surpass the language barrier with children. I am really exited I really can’t wait to see what God has in store, as well as all amazing stories that I’ll have when I get home. I know China will be a great place for some awesome photos I’ll have tons when I come back. Also, this will be my last post potentially before China, since I will have no internet access of Facebook. I might update my blog once. I will have tons of stories when I come back though!

I would really love constant prayer from those who read, and from those of you who have kept me in your thoughts, thank you, and more prayer would be much appreciated. I might post once there, but not likely! If you would like to contact me please do not post on my Facebook wall but email me instead (send me a message for my email) or contact handsome Dominic for my email, So thank you so much for keeping up! See you in a bit!

Here’s a video with cute animals, just because. 🙂 See you all in two months!


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