Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

Last week’s lecture topic was “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself,” it was a great topic and for the most part last week was more of a discussion lecture than an actual teaching. Our speaker has so many stories to tell from all of his mission travels around the world, all of the healings and miracles that he has witnessed, and even owning a coffee plantation of kopi luwak! Hard to believed that he is only 28. He really showed what it was to love your neighbor, brought us breakfast every morning in lecture! Took us out for breakfast, and shared some of his special coffee and tea with us. I was really able to see what it mean to love someone through your actions, even if it is something little. We can always show love through our actions even if it is something little.

It was also Michelle’s nineteenth birthday which was great! We got to celebrate her birth, and really enjoy her life for a day! šŸ™‚ Friday we even has some special friends over for lecture, none other than surfing goats, I even got to taste some fresh milk! Hair and all haha! We met like an actual celebrity!


I really can’t believe that China is only 20 days away! I am beyond exited I know God is really going to to do some great things there! How time flies, this week is the second to last speaker, then just a week of China prep, and off I go!


578203_582035965140879_733730552_nI also got a sweet surprise from Dominic! I love surprises, and honestly how sweet is he!



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