The Last Three Weeks

Week 7: The Bible, Week 8: Evangelism/Heart, Week: 9 Outreach Week

Wow! Three weeks passed since my last update! That is horrible! I need to be better about keeping my blog updated, and all of you friends who follow me updated too! Needless to say these past three weeks have also been wonderful and they have really flown by. Ha ha I feel like I say how quickly time flies by in literally every post. But it’s okay, because it simply true.

Anyway, week seven was great, it was different and insightful, and even more interesting since I love the topic that we touched on. Our speaker was my school leader Mike, he spoke on the book of Daniel, and broke it down in ways that I had not ever looked at it before. The teaching was more “scholarly” than what we would usually have, than that of a “preachy’ topic.  One of the things we focused on was biblical types, which does not mean “types” of biblical translations or bibles, but of recurring events or symbolism within the old testament and the new testament. We touched from Nephilim, the half man half angel creatures in Genesis, and randomly mentioned throughout the bible, to revelation, and the end of times, as well as numerous theological perspectives on the subject. I really enjoyed going’ into depth in a topic that not many churches want to talk about, “the end of times” since it causes so much controversy and disagreements within the people. It was nice to have an open discussion on different ideas, disagreements, and our own biblical beliefs, and how the bible supports each one of them. For me this week was on of my favorites, speaking in the more studious sense, we got to really dig deep in a subject that not many people go over openly in churches. I feel that studying it also deepened my understanding of the bible in general, and will maybe make it easier to answer questions from people in the future.

The following week we had two speakers in one week, the first speaker spoke on the book of Nehemiah and how important it is for us to guard our hearts and build a wall around our hearts just how Nehemiah was called to build a wall around the temple, in a very difficult time, full of distractions and opposition. It was a difficult topic for me, I had never really payed a lot of attention to Nehemiah, and I had not really considered the practicality it has in real life application. After the first lecture I warmed up to the subject, and realized that it really is important to recognize the distractions keeping us from our goals, or our God given desires; as well as distractions that remove us from the will of God even if it is in a very subtle way. The second topic was evangelism, it was really not what I expected, it was better. When we hear the word evangelism we often think of street preachers out to get people into church, or convert them and bring them to God, all in a very traditional, and typical way, the obvious duty of christianity. When in reality christianity is much more deeper than that and it really requires us to step out and realized that the whole world is our place to evangelize, our home, our friendships, our school. Evangelism not int he typical way, but in a way that is lived, not just spoken about, but lived through actions, and lived through love. The real way to reach people, to reach people not to count their souls into heaven, but to reach them on earth to live on earth, and really, together bring heaven on earth.

Last week was a really fun week, very relaxed, and kinda took the girls and I away from our daily routine. We went back to my home town for Outreach Week, and did work at the church, more like service work, typical missionary stuff, painted a room. But all in all, it was a great week, I was a bit worried that it was not going to feel like I was out on outreach since I’d be back home, but it did. I specially feel like God was trying to show me how important it is to step back from our routines, our lives, and our comfort, and go out away for a bit, no matter how long, but go out and see from afar what needs to be done at home. Our mission field doesn’t start in Africa somewhere, but in our home… in our lives. That is something that I had not seen before. Of course that does not mean leave the missions work for those who live there, what it does mean that we cannot overlook what needs to be done what is close to our homes. I feel like God really did try to teach me that “the harvest is ready, but the workers are few” literally, well not literarily but close. There is so much work to be done, its just a matter of willing to do that work, no matter who insignificant it might feel.

The past three weeks were great, for fun we also took the foreigners to see the real “California” down to Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Santa Monica, it was really fun to see them freak out over good old California. & wow it is getting closer! Outreach next month already! So exiting! 🙂

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