Jesus as Salvation

Week six already! It is really beyond me how quick the weeks go by, I feel like before I know it I’ll be on the car on my way back home. Anyway, this week the lecture was on World View and Mission, it really enlightening and really thought provoking, I feel as if God trying to open in eyes, and showing me how to look at him in a different way. I feel as if all of my misconceptions of God are coming off really quickly, and I feel like I know him more, but in a different way, a good way. Having grown up in Mexico I feel as if I experienced the way missionaries came off as christians when I was younger, and even though I didn’t know at the time, this painted a picture for me of what a missionary was, and what it was to “save lives for God.”

During lecture we were prompted to think what Salvation was, and what the Gospel was, and many of us had such a different array of answers that it was kind of difficult to even really know what the right answer was. After a long discussion we concluded that maybe Salvation isn’t a think, or an even, maybe it is simply Jesus himself, and christianity an on going journey. Many times I think that christians try to sell Jesus as your ticket out of hell card, when in reality he is much more than that. Jesus is a loving God, that instead of just trying to save you from heaven, and smiting you when you do something wrong, God’s heart is a father heart; and Jesus himself is salvation. Instead of gathering statistics, and fulfilling the great commission for your own personal gain, following God should be to bring God’s lost children home. To feel for them how God feels, and instead of gathering numbers, our heart should be to save the lost and bring them home. Where salvation isn’t to save yourself from hell, but to want to follow and love a God, who loved you first, and to love another with love, where the mere thought of knowing they are lost brings you to want to bring them home, not out of pity or commission, but out of honest love.

“The worst sin towards fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them, that is the essence of inhumanity.”- George Bernard Shaw

“That the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.” Romans 8:21 NIV


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