Worship, Snow, Sand, Beach, and Trees!

This week has just been amazing! Not only because I got so see one of nature’s wonders, God’s amazing beauty slightly reflected through nature, but also because of the way he is so quick to answer when we seek, and in a way where the saying goes “God is never late, but always on time.” That is no better way to describe it, God is there to answer at His time. This week our topic was worship and the Holy Spirit, the deepness of worship, and the need for honesty to be within our worship in order for it to be effective from a vulnerable, honest heart.  Our speaker was so intune with the Holy Spirit, and through Him God answered some of our prayers and questions. As I think back I cannot help but smile at the accuracy and grace of God by the way he answers our prayers. I feel like almost does it in a “I told you so!” kind of way, or in a “Don’t test me!’ Yet, at the same time He wants to reveal himself to us and show us who he is. God was so gracious as to answer some of the questions that I had about my own future, and how I was going to handle finishing my degree, missions in the future, traveling, and even to the smallest as what my interests are! God truly is wonderful!

This weekend we also had the privilege to go to Sequoia National Park, and got to see the beasts they call trees here in California. It is ridiculous to think that in the same they, I mean if you get up early, you can hit the beach, and the a snow storm, all on the same day! What? I have only heard of that in California! It was such a lovely day, we got to see the trees, and of course that was a great time for photo ops! It was great to see a Canadian not too impressed by the snow, an a South African that had never seen snow! It was such a lovely weekend, I really enjoyed the snow, eating snow, and even sledding for the first time!








Michelle (Above) from South Africa, playing with snow for the first time ever!IMG_6693IMG_6671The DTS Girls!


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