Week Three, Second Week of Lecture

This week was a specially great week. My pastors Aaron and Sarah Ortega came over to teach, the topic was “The Character of God.” It was a really great, it was specially great since I got to see my pastors, it was great to see two familiar faces while I am not at home. The week flew by again, and I’m in awe of how fast the days go while I am here, I really don’t know if it’s because I am busy most of the time, or really what it is, but every week seems to be going faster than the last. It feels like a good thing, since I’ll be home soon, but at the same time I want to soak in all the knowledge that I can. Aaron went over the different names for God, God as our father, our shepherd, our healer, and our banner. Everyone is familiar with Psalm 23, but somehow this week I was able to read it and understand it in a whole new light, that being God being my shepherd, the one who takes care of me and “leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.”  Actually understanding the father heart of God is something that I have always “known” but not really recognized. Being able to understand God’s desire to lead me and keep me close just as a shepherd does with his flock is completely amazing, John 10 was a perfect reminder of his love as a caregiver for his children. Aaron also touched on the subject of healing, such as father does not want his children to be hurt, but rather to be healed, just as he is Jehova Rapha, the Lord our healer; and how important it is to be vulnerable and understand, and confess our past hurts, sins, struggles, to Him and others in order to obtain true healing. It’s only been three weeks and God is already touching places in my life and helping me deal with them, as well as teaching me so much in such a short amount of time! The following video made me think of forgiveness, and how it is connected to healing, how God just wonderfully interweaves our actions through vulnerability, confession, acceptance, and forgiveness, all to produce a healed heart.

On my weekly note, this week was also a little bit different then others, we had much more free time than we do other weeks, since most of the staff was out sick, there’s something weird going around, needless to say our week was a little slower than others. We did however have a wonderful time going to a “secret beach” just a walk down the street from the house, that was honestly one of the most beautiful places that I have been to. I felt like I wasn’t in California, there was a beautiful mini cave, where the water met the beach, the mini beach was shaped like a U, so to get there we had to literally climb down some rocks. It felt like a mini adventure on typical Wednesday, I scrapped my knee and everything!

I live in such a beautiful place that I sometimes feel upset with myself for not going out and exploring the beauty that is literally down the street from the DTS house, today was such a lazy day; I had a lovely breakfast with Aaron and Sarah before they parted back home, then after that it was a lazy day for everyone in the house. I decided to take advantage of the day so I took a stroll down the street and caught a glimpse of such a beautiful sunset setting right on the ocean. It was great to just get away and watch the sunset, it is amazing to think how much beauty we miss daily, simply because we are too occupied with other things, had I stayed home I would have missed the sky dressed in pink.


Today’s beautiful sunset, it’s amazing that this is view is down the street!

IMG_2749IMG_2773IMG_2751IMG_2782IMG_2748IMG_2752IMG_2725The beautiful mini water cave!



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