Week Two! First Week of Lecture

I am incredibly surprised at how fast this week flew by! Thinking back last week went by much slower than this week. School officially started and I am so thrilled at how great the first week of lecture went. Our topic was Recognizing the Voice of God, and learning to distinguish his voice among other voices. Our speaker was such a sweet Godly woman, she was very in tune with Gods voice and teaching came so naturally to her, God’s calling in her life was so clear by the way she carried herself and showed God’s word in lecture in such a beautiful way. It’s just the first week of lecture and God has already done so much in a short week of lecture. I think one of the most important things that I “learned,” I mean I had known before but hadn’t really stuck into my mind is that God is always speaking, like all the time… literally it’s only up to us to actually be silent and listen. And even when he isn’t speaking, his silence in itself is a way of his word speaking to us. Sin is such a barrier between our sensitivity to God and it’s such a simple concept, yet one that we as Christians don’t always grasp. We must rid ourselves from sin in order to actually be in tune with Gods heart, and listen to what he has to say.

Oddly enough God spoke to me by the example of a dog and his love and loyalty to his owner, never ending. Loyal, and even after being scorned a dog will always be there wagging his tail, such as how we should be willing to please our Lord and be one in unconditional love. Other than those revelations that God has so graciously reminded me of, the view of this place is as lovely as ever, and I am beginning to feel more at home in this place, the pace of how quickly the days go by is astonishing.

This video really touches my heart and is a constant reminder of love, and I can’t imagine how God’s love is much more infinite for us, and if a dog loves this much, how much do we need to learn to love the one who loved us first?

These two videos also specially touched my heart this week.

Here’s is a couple of photos, I just keep thinking how beautiful is God’s creation!

photo 1 photo 2

Feel free to leave comments, I enjoy reading them, and when you do it makes my day! πŸ™‚


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