My Little Journey

I finally feel as if this blog finally has a set purpose, that being my life. A little bit about my life, my thoughts, my victories, and my little stories, and even my little fears and concerns. I’m going to use this as a sort of journal, for my family, for my friends, and even for myself to vent, and to simply share a little bit about myself, in a way that I really do love, that being through writing, and through a  picture. So as I posted previously, today was my first official day here in Pismo Beach for my YWAM DTS. It was a little scary, and truly such a weird mix of emotions, excitement, fear, sadness, and a lot of other feelings I really don’t know how to describe. It was the first time I was officially away from my family, I miss them so much. I miss my friends and my boyfriend so much, but I know that this is also a time to make new friends, new memories, and most importantly get to know God in a way that I haven’t before. I arrived here yesterday and I was the first one here, which I think was in a way good and in a way bad, good because I was able to process the fact that I was really leaving my “life” for the next six months, and that I was not going back with my dad my boyfriend and brother when they dropped me off. Also bad because I felt a little lonely and the emotions began to kick in! I had my little emotional time alone which was good yet wasn’t because I was alone in a house which made me feel lonely… and only added to my emotions.

The other girls arrived later, Jonelle from Canada, Amy from Ireland, and today Michelle from South Africa, and Megan from Santa Clarita CA. I am rooming with Amy and Michelle which is really cool, their accents are adorable. Today we went around to explore the town which is lovely, we are two blocks from the beach, and the beach is lovely, the weather is also very nice. After explaining to Amy what Walmart was (haha) we took Jonelle and Amy for some IN-N-OUT. The official californian thing. We had dinner later with all the staff and I am finally all settled in. Overall it was a great first day, I am still quite emotional, but I am trying to get used to it. I know God is going to do some wonderful things, do some cleaning in up in my life, and just teach me who he is overall. I am so exited for what is to come!


On our last late night dinner

image-1Friday night my mom had a goodbye party planned for it, it was nice to see everyone one last time. Love you guys!

image-6On our way to Pismo, he was dreading it haha!
image-12The views are lovely, this is like two blocks away!
image-10 image-5 image-3 582404_10151217976872532_781050164_nOn the Pismo Pier with Jonelle from Canada, and Amy from Ireland! Excuse the quality of the pictures they were taken with my phone!


2 thoughts on “My Little Journey

  1. I’m proud of you too Leslie. I almost cried reading your update. Wow so Canada and Ireland huh. they must think your accent is strong too. you should ask them. haha

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