So Overjoyed

Wow, the last time I posted something was about a month ago, and incredibly its been about a  year since I started this blog, and I am certainly keeping up this year. I had been waiting to start writing about my new journey, a six month journey that I am sure is going to life changing. I was a little apprehensive about starting to write about it, but I think it is now time. My pastors are amazing, and through them I cam across YWAM a wonderful opportunity to not only serve the Lord and commit to his purpose but to experience the world. Since I was little I always felt like I was big fish, more like a whale, in a tiny pond. When I joined my church about three years ago, I had spoken to my pastor about how I felt like I was commissioned to the nations, and he believed in God calling for my life, as did many, even when I didn’t. Three years later, and after a couple of let downs, it seemed like my plans weren’t quite working out, and that was just it… my plans. Needless to say I began to forget that promise which God had given me when I was just fourteen. When I first joined the church and started talking to my pastor, he said “oh you’re going” to YWAM he mean, I remember thinking in my mind… “Okay yeah sure, uh huh we’ll see, as much a I want to my background, my family, who I am isn’t meant for that…”

Now I know how awful that thought was, because our plans truly aren’t Gods. now 19 here I am, on my way to this journey, thrilled, and it feels a little surreal, I somehow know that when I come back to good old California, it won’t be the same… in  e v e r y  single way. Since I was a little girl I always though in my mind, I’m going to be a scientist, and inventor, a doctor, a zoo keeper, I’m going to find the cure to cancer, all of my plans always included something out of the ordinary. Now, God seemed to put everything into place, I am ahead in school, as I will begin my  junior year for mass media, aka journalism… And do what I finally know I want to, though it can change, as life always does… This I am still unsure of where it is going to take me, but either way I think I am ready for it. Whether it makes me want to stay in the nations, as I think it will, or whether it makes me come back to California and do something else, I’ll be ready for it. So church, friends, my loving amazing family, Dominic ❤ you’re awesome thank you, you know why, all who read this thank you, you guys are awesome, you know who you are, and thank you for your love and support, I’ll keep you guys updated. 🙂



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