LA Arboretum in Spring: Perfect

Last month my boyfriend and I decided to take a stroll down the beautiful gardens of the LA Arboretum. Bored out of my mind, and in dire need of some artistic expression, we decided to go down and see what shots we could capture. I’ve always loved peacocks, and being able to get incredibly close to them was amazing. The beautiful birds I guess are used to people crowding around them, these birds were not shy! Which meant great pictures!

I’ve always wanted to take a photograph of a hummingbird, and these were everywhere!

My personal favorite, I loved the contrast in color.

The little guy below was my favorite part of the day! I have never in my life encountered a squirrel so unafraid of humans… It came extremely close to us trying to sniff our hands in search for food, next time I am definitely taking some nuts! While there we encountered a very large “pond” or small lake, flooded in water turtles and giant koi fish. The little animals here were really not shy, this cute turtle came up to Dominic’s finger, looking for food.


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